Retail Radio, powered by Smartpay.


85% of purchase decisions are made in store, so having an effective point-­of-­decision marketing system is an essential part of the mix for modern retailers.

With Smartpay delivering point of purchase solutions, it stands to reason they would bring Retail Radio to market. Retail Radio offers multi-store owners ad managers a powerful, flexible and cost effective tool, effectively driving additional revenue opportunities for retailers throughout New Zealand.

Our stores love the mix of music that is played and find the short product adverts in between clear and effective. We would highly recommend Retail radio to any business wanting great music with the opportunity to speak to customers instore - Palmers Stores

5 reasons to choose Retail Radio?


Our Experience

Retail Radio has invested 10 years developing a world leading proprietary player and scheduling system for our In­Store Radio system. It is deployed in several hundred sites throughout New Zealand including Mitre 10.

It's Effective

Using Retail Radio we enable your stores to use this music and message system as an effective marketing tool. Retail Radio’s service delivers national consistency of sound in stores and ensures complex music licensing regimes are complied with.

Ensure Brand Consistency

You've invested in your brand, so make sure your customers enjoy a consistent experience in-store, both through audio and visual stimulus.

Hassle-free solution

Using Retail Radio means we take care of all your music licensing and scheduling requirements. We'll create content for you, run promotions when and where you need them, right down to a specific aisle level!

Increase Sales

Retail radio customers have found a connection between our product and an increase in sales. Promoting through our audio and visual channels creates a sales lift that outweighs the equipment investment.

Gain a 35% increase in sales.

Music provides an enhanced store ambiance which encourages customers to stay longer, buy more and make return visits. Customers respond to the messages by making additional purchases. This is demonstrated in case studies which prove improvement in the conversion ratio of browsers to buyers from 17% to 23% (a 35% increase) and increases in average sales value by 20%.

A Complete Interactive Solution.

The system’s scheduler and player intelligence has been developed to integrate with display panels. This means that from a single source either a mute still image slide show or still images with audio ‘talking posters’ or moving images can be displayed on panels in the store. As with the audio music and messaging aspect of the system, the schedule of what plays where and when is easily able to be determined by time of day, geographical location and store category.

Talk to someone today.

For more information on Retail Radio call our sales manger Simon on 0800 476 278 option 1 or email