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Smartpay is the largest independently owned and operated EFTPOS provider in Australasia. We’re constantly working to bring the latest in EFTPOS and mobile payments technology to our customers in New Zealand and Australia.

Smartpay started it’s life in New Zealand, formed after the purchase and amalgamation of Cadmus, Provenco and Viaduct. By Integrating Cadmus into the business it brought a unique mix of manufacturing experience as well as a research and development division which has continued to expand under Smartpay.

It is now recognised as the #1 EFTPOS solutions provider in Australasia.


We make payments solutions easy by offering our customers the most feature rich terminals available on the market today and by including a host of value add-on apps as part of our solution packages.

Although described as an EFTPOS terminal provider, Smartpay does so much more than this. We take the time to understand our customers and their needs, mapping out a solution that delivers and working with them on setup and on-going maintenance. We are committed to providing merchants the best in innovative new technologies and will be adding to our managed services packages as these come on stream.

We can also license our technologies to third parties allowing not just local merchants to benefit from innovations we have made.

As the payments industry changes and grows, Smartpay continues to support such changes with mobile payment solutions, tap and go functionality and of course NFC mobile wallet solutions, as these come on-stream over the next few years.

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