Integrating EFTPOS with POS Solutions

Integrated EFTPOS is suitable for businesses of any size looking to reduce the complexity of their EFTPOS payments. It allows merchants to directly connect an EFTPOS terminal to their Point of Sale (POS) system or Electronic Cash Register (ECR) – removing the need to re-enter the purchase amount into the EFTPOS terminal.

3rd Party POS integration
As well as having its own POS Solution Till2Go, Smartpay has also been working with several third party POS solution providers to ensure a simple, hassle free integration. Talk to us today about integrating your EFTPOS system with:

How does it work?

Option One | EFTPOS Integration

Integrated is a two way messaging between the terminal and the point of sale utilising the point of sale communication and printer. It is a digital connection through either WIFI or Bluetooth and used with our Smartlink proprietary software.

Option Two | EFTPOS Interface

Interfacing can either be one-way or two-way but uses the communication and printer of the EFTPOS terminal. For the purposes of this introduction and to keep it simple we will call both integrated EFTPOS.

The two-way interface enables the merchant’s POS/ECR to send a simple message to the EFTPOS terminal containing the EFTPOS transaction value. The cardholder then selects their account and proceeds as normal to complete their transaction. The terminal will send a response message back to the POS advising of the transaction outcome. If the transaction is approved, the POS will automatically complete the transaction. The customer receipt is printed via the EFTPOS terminal once the transaction is completed.

An EFTPOS interface uses a Smartlink cable to connect your EFTPOS terminal to your POS or ECR.

Advantages of an Integrated EFTPOS Solution

  • Elimination of double entry keying errors
  • Single receipt printer minimises space and reduces consumables expenditure
  • Improved single source reporting - simplified EFTPOS and POS sales reconciliations.
  • Faster transaction times


Smartlink has been the standard for integrated EFTPOS in New Zealand for a long time. Integrated with the SP30 or D Series Handheld Pinpads you will find Smartlink installed at Restaurant Brands, 2 Degrees, and Air New Zealand. Smartlink is Smartpay’s proprietary software which enables a wireless link between our EFTPOS termonals and Apple, Android and Microsoft products

Advantages of Smartlink

  • Retains all the benefits of SyncoPlus including the Point of Sale Interface
  • Certified to the Paymark Specification 2013 (which supersedes Version 6.1)
  • Yearly updates (or as required) distributed by a Terminal Management System
  • Automatic Key Management eliminating the need to talk to Paymark when installing a terminal
  • Scalable application, making it suitable for single sites, multiple sites and multiple sites with central administration and reporting requirements
  • Central Administration Service
  • Web based access to view the condition of all terminals
  • Central access to all lanes from Head Office providing the ability to perform remote configuration and fault diagnosis
  • Paymark confirmed as being PCI PA-DSS Compliant; which removes EFTPOS from any PCI- DSS security audit
  • Fully redundant communications, including EOV, is available to Paymark by way of Direct IP, Broadband, dialup EFTPOS modem for either the primary or secondary connection
  • The choice of connecting the PIN Pad to the PC via IP, wifi, serial and USB
  • Operates in Windows 32 and 64 bit environment
  • Implemented around the Merchant's unique physical information technology architecture
  • Supports Contactless Debit, Credit, Cheque Authorisation


Over 30 of the many popular POS systems currently support connection to our EFTPOS Terminals using the interfaced functionality called Keylink. Keylink provides the store owner peace of mind and more control over the sale by linking the POS system to the EFTPOS Terminal, via a Keylink cable.

When tendering a sale, an EFTPOS Payment button on the POS automatically sends the transaction type and amount to the EFTPOS Terminal electronically, quickly and accurately, ensuring human errors are eliminated. For instance, instead of totaling up a sale for $20.00 and then on the EFTPOS terminal accidentally keying in $2.00, Keylink will always send the correct amount electronically.

Security is also enhanced using Keylink as the Customer is able to hold onto and swipe their EFTPOS card themselves.

When a store operator is busy or distracted it is very easy to miss declined EFTPOS transactions which cost your business money, Keylink Plus prevents this from happening as the sale won't close if EFTPOS is declined.

Suitable For:

Keylink is ideal for any business that uses a Cash Register or POS system that is looking for fast and accurate transaction processing.

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